Composition: Densely compacted sawdust from the flooring industry. Ideal for: Open fires and small stoves because they do not expand whilst burning. Characteristics: Produces a good flame for the first half of the burn and then the briquette glows red hot for several hours. How to use: Use sparingly as a direct replacement for traditional logs. However, these briquettes generate much more heat than logs so please experiment with small amounts (max. three logs at a time for a large stove and less for a small stove). These briquettes do not expand making them suitable for open fires. Please note: Store in a dry place. Do not overload your firebox. Parameters Composition: Densely compacted waste oak sawdust from the flooring industry. Compression: Approx. 1,700 kg/m3 Calorific value: 5.4 kWh/kg Max. ash content: <1% Max. water content: <5% Product Standard: N/A Dimensions and Packaging Log: 220mm x 70mm with 25mm hole Weight: c.830g Pack: 12 Logs x c.1kg = c.

Wood chips and sawdust
  • RUF Bark Briquettes
  • Pini-kay Briquettes
  • Ruf Oak
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