RUF briquettes

The RUF briquettes are made of birch dust or flakes of coniferous trees


Fuel briquettes are used as fuel and present an excellent alternative for heating of railway coaches, houses (both for ovens and fireplaces), as well as for heating of industrial boiler stations and thermal power plants, equipped with solid-fuel boilers. This fuel does not produce sparks when burning and throws out no coals. - modern, economical, highly efficient and eco-friendly type of fuel - heat of combustion is almost similar to that of coal (birch logs - 2,500 kkal/kg, coal - 4,800 kkal/kg, wood briquettes - 4,500 kkal/kg) - absence of waste after combustion (ash content after combustion: coal - 30%, wood briquettes - 0,5%) - near-complete absence of smoke and harmful emissions during combustion (CO emission are 10 times lower, than those of natural gas and 50 times lower, than those of coal) - time of combustion significantly exceeds the time of combustion of other traditional types of fuel - convenient and clean packaging in 10 kg packs Per-trailer volume.

Fuels, solid
  • ecological fuels
  • sawdust briquettes
  • agricultural fuel

Product features

Length, mm 150
Width, mm 65
Height, mm 95
Package type individual package (packaging film)
Quantity of briquettes in 1 pack 12 briquettes
Pallet dimensions 1200*800 - 1200*1000
Quantity of packs on 1 pallet 96 packs 10 kg each
Weight of 1 pallet nett/992 kg

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