10,000 PSI (700 BAR) CLASSIC SERIES AIR HYDRAULIC PUMP The RWP55-BS has been the market leading pump for over 30 years & is therefore tried & tested. A simple, light-weight design with a recent upgrade that has created a cost-effective workhorse. Quality means Lower Life-Cycle Costs: Over 100,000 cycles Continuous duty up to 122°F (50°C) ambient Proven design = Proven reliability Enhanced Usability: Powerful 3 hp motor starts under load Retract side internal relief valve protects tool Use with single or double acting tools. Not for lifting applications 4" calibration capable gauge Designed with Safety in Mind: Easily adjusted pressure regulator (relief) valve Has a retract port pressure selector 10,000 psi (1,500) CAUTION: This system should not be used for lifting applications.

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