Micropilot FMR56 is particularly designed for light-duty process conditions as they occur in silos or bins for solids. Micropilot free space radar is used for continuous,non-contact level measurement in powdery to granular bulk solids. Dust, filling noises, temperature layers and gas layers do not affect the measurement.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Level radar solid
Characteristic / Application For simple applications: Reliable non-contact level measurements in silos or storage tanks for bulk
Specialities Safety and reliability with Multi-Echo Tracking; HistoROM
Supply / Communication 2-wire (HART/ PROFIBUS PA/ FOUNDATION Fieldbus); 4-wire (HART)
Frequency K-band (~26 GHz)
Antenna Horn DN80/3", PP plated; Horn DN100/4", PP plated
Accuracy +/- 3 mm (0.12 in)
Ambient temperature -40 °C...+80 °C; (-40 °F...+176 °F)
Process temperature -40 °C...+80 °C; (-40 °F...+176 °F)
Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit Vacuum...3 bar; (Vacuum...43.5 psi)


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