Radiant Barrier Foil

Laminated Foil


What is a radiation barrier foil insulation layer? The radiation barrier foil insulation is a layer of metallized film facing the air and is installed in the envelope of the building. The radiation barrier can reflect 97% of the radiation. It is important to choose the right radiation barrier foil for your house or building. Our experts fully understand the radiation barrier foils we sell and can better provide you with the best product recommendations. You can also find the product size you want to know on our website or contact us directly. We can also provide professional customized services according to your requirements. Feature: 1. Reflective to sunshine and solar heat 2.Waterproof, no moisture retention, anticorrosive, no fungi or bacterial growth 3. Easy to laminate with Fiberglass Wool&other material 4. Prevent dust and moisture from penetrating inside 5. Durable, environmentally friendly

Aluminium foil for packing
  • Radiant Barrier Foil
  • metallized film
  • sound insulation

Product features

weight 235 g/m²
Aluminum vapor barrier 40 microns
Thickness 2-3mm
weight around 250g/sqm
Width 1m / 1.2m / 1.5m
Aluminum thickness 40um

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