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Radio remote controls

Musca | 2, 4, 6 channels


Musca series: compact, shock-resistant and affordable! Musca remote control is particularly suitable for less complex applications for which a maximum of 6 function buttons are adequate. The transmitters in the Tyro Musca series have 2, 4 or 6 function keys and are the most compact in size. They are also price technically the most affordable remotes from our range. Compact radio remotes Because of its compact size, the Tyro Musca remote is very popular. Due to its ergonomic design with a comfortable rubber grip, it is very comfortable to hold. It is so small that it can be easily put in the trouser pocket or it can be attached to the belt using the handy belt-clip. Withstands extreme conditions The Musca remote control is designed for intensive use even under rough conditions. The moisture and dirt-resistant transmitter is equipped with a high-quality industrial keyboard that is easy to clean.