Corvus transmitter: advanced, sturdy and safe! The remote controls from the Tyro Corvus series have proven to be very powerful and reliable security specialists made by Tyro Remotes. The half-duplex Corvus systems are widely used because of their feedback function. Feedback for increased safety In some work situations, it is important that you know that a good signal is processed after you have given the command by pressing the function key on the remote control. The Tyro Corvus remote controls are equipped with a buzzer and LEDs, which once the given command is executed by the Pavo Receiver and the corresponding machine send an audible and visual signal. With a response time of less than 0.1 seconds, this absolutely increases the safety at your workplace. Interference-free and sustainable The Tyro Corvus handheld transmitters are technically very advance due to which they result in a trouble-free operation even under extreme

Radio control systems and installations
  • industrial remote control

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