Railcar Pulling Systems

Railcar Positioning System, Railcar Pulling Winches, Railcar Pulling Winches


Plasma Company, LLC offers a variety of products for industrial and railroad markets. Railcar pulling and shunting systems are available for moving railcars, railroad maintenance and more. Our application engineers will help select equipment for your specific application. MU-12 railcar positioning system is a compact, capable and cost-effective winch based mechanism that is custom designed to move single railcars or groups of cars with sturdy construction and safe, reliable operation. The system is environmentally sound, easy to install and operate, less costly than larger systems and requires very little maintenance. It is the ideal solution for small to mid-size loading, unloading and repositioning applications. LM-71 and LM-140 electric powered winches offer maximum performance and reliability. Winches provide the high startup torque required for pulling heavy loads like rail cars. Winches are designed for either single direction or bi-directional pulling.

Railway stock and equipment
  • Hoists and winches
  • electric railcars
  • motor powered goods lifting winches
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