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We offer internal railings and external railings. Gal Industrial railings are intended for installation on balconies, staircases, mezzanines, terraces and loggias. Each structure meets safety standards and is made to individual customer orders, thanks to which it is ideally suited to the final assembly site. The choice of railing should depend on the style of the building and the place of installation. In the case of monuments and buildings of the old date, it is worth considering choosing a metal railing, the appearance of which can be adapted to the facade or a replica of a damaged or no longer existing railing (e.g. based on photos and preserved documentation). Stainless steel and glass railings are eagerly installed in modern and modernized buildings. Their huge advantages are the minimalistic look and versatility.

  • Frameworks, lightweight - metal
  • Staircases
  • Terraces
  • Steel railings

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65-012 Zielona Gora - Poland