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  • Railway scales VTV-S for wagon weighing in statics of 30t

Railway scales VTV-S for wagon weighing in statics of 30t Verified by Europages badge


The manufacturer of the weighing mechanism offers railway scales for companies. This is a massive steel structure designed to weigh the goods transported by rail cars. The models shown in the brochure are assembled by modern robotics, a warranty is provided for the entire model range, with the help of scales you can weigh raw materials in the range from thirty to two hundred tons. Advantages and options for railway scales Railway scales are manufactured for targeted work. In the catalog of the Weighing Equipment Factory, you can purchase the following types of models: ✅ Trolley-by-trolley weighing in parking. ✅ Car-by-car weighing in parking. ✅ Scales of combined weighing. ✅ Trolley-by-trolley weighing in motion. ✅ Weighing in motion and in parking. ✅ Weighing axle-by-axle in motion. Each manufacturing version option has its own advantages and options.

Product information

Accuracy class of scales according to GOST OIML R 76-1-2011
medium (III)
The maximum permissible speed of movement through the scales is
15 km/h
The value of the probability of failure-free operation for 2000 hours
Calibration interval
1 year
Average service life, not less than
10 years
Relative humidity
up to 100%
Strain gauges from
-50 to +50 °С
Weighing terminal from
-10 to +40 °С
Power supply parameters voltage
from 187 to 242
Power supply parameters frequency
from 49 to 51 Hz
Degree of protection secondary device
Degree of protection sensor