Molecular Field ⇒ Oligochromatography (OligoC-TesT) Rapid diagnostic of Trypanosoma cruzi. Molecular amplification and oligochromatographic detection. 20 individual strips, tubes, stoppers Mix, running buffer, positive control Advantages of the kits: -High sensitivity and specificity -Single sample analysis -Carry-over contamination proof -Safety (no Ethidium Bromide) -Guenuine PCR Internal Control -Quality certified product -Rapid This test consists of a DNA amplification of a target DNA sequence followed by a single one-step oligochromatographic membrane assay using colloid particles and specific oligonucleotide probes. Molecular amplification is performed using the ready-to-use mix included in the OligoC-TesT kit. An internal control (IC) template, included in the Ampli-mix, is amplified by the same primers than the target and allows verifying that the PCR occurs properly without any effect of inhibitors. Only the Taq polymerase and the DNA sample have to be added to the mix. When the DNA amplification is completed, Oligo-Strip is dipped in the PCR product. The amplicons hybridize with their specific gold probes in the bottom part of the Oligo-Strip. They continue to migrate by capillary action and IC and pathogen amplicons are respectively accumulated on the IC and pathogen specific capture reagent areas. Pink/purple lines develop at sites of the immobilized capture reagent if corresponding amplicons are present. Excess gold probes hybridize on their complementary probes coated on both sides of the stick at the sites of migration control lines to confirm proper migration. All those steps require only one single manipulation.

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