Use procedure: 1. Clean and dry the basket, coated thinly and evenly with flour along inside of the basket 2. Put a piece of dough into the rattan basket till it completely fermented to fit the basket 3. The pattern of the rattan cane basket clearly imprint on the fermented dough, beautiful bread mould formed. 4. Turn over the basket, take out of the dough, and transfer it onto a baking sheet of oven. 5. Bake the bread, clean the basket or set another dough into it, repeat the above procedure. Our Advantage : 1. The material is natural raten cane 2. We have the LFGB cerfication 3. The high quality products and short produce time 4. Make the bread more delicious and texture 5. Good service for our customers Detail show:

Product features

Item Description  35*15*8CM oval handmade rattan brotform basket/bread proving basket
Workmanship Handmade
Size  35*15*8cm
Material Natural rattan cane
MOQ 100pcs
Express According to your request
Advantage Used for proofing and make beautiful texture


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