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Water and air cleaners | Basket feeders. The dry unloading system is used for unloading and transporting raw materials. A series of devices and installations transport the materials from the unloading point to the storage silos via navigable channels. The system for manual setting of the raw materials and the water sorter allows a free choice of silo to which the fruits are to be delivered, and enabling the comprehensive and even filling of the chambers. This solution is a closed cycle system the water transport of raw materials that will continue for a specified period of time. Materials from pre-production silos are transferred to the dosing units. Main task of the sorting unit is to dose fruits evenly to elevator. The construction of transporting elements of the conveyors prevents the damage of raw material. Apples are transported by a feeder to the inspection belt or roller table. Trained employees carry out inspection.

Product information

Sorting machines (dosing units)
4,0x0,6x0,5 mb x 3,0 mm
Working screw diameter (vertical elevators)
200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 mm
Type of screw
clockwise, anti-clockwise
Screw rotation speed
40 - 112 rpm
Screw length
from 2 up to 9 m
up to 50 m3/h