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Wholesale RBD Palm Oil Palm Oil is a reddishorange oil extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the African palm which originated from the Elaeis guineensis tree of West Guinea. Palm oils contain many vitamins including; vitamin E, A and betacarotene which promote good night vision, health of mucous membranes and skin, and the growth of bone. Palm oil plays a role in the body’s use of fat which includes; energy reserve, thermal insulation, organ protection, tissue membrane structure and cell metabolism. Studies have shown that a palm oil enriched diet does not raise blood cholesterol and even leads to lower plasma cholesterol levels. RBD Palm Oil is used as frying oil for food industries such as instant noodles and snack food. It can also be used in manufacture of margarine, shortening, vanaspathy, ice cream, condensed milk and soap. RBD Palm Oil is obtained from refining crude palm oil. It is a light yellow liquid and semisolid at room temperature

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