Ready-to-use parkour ground #3

Punto Parkour

  • sports ground
  • ground
  • Workout ground

Product features

PG601918117 Bench «Infinity» 4 pc.
PG80760150 Litter bin «Dallas» 1 pc.
PG90850100 Bike rack «Bicycle» 4 pc.
PK-A.00 modul A with panels 1 pc.
PK-K.00 modul K with panels 1 pc.
PK-P.00 modul P with panels 1 pc.
PK-O.00 modul O with panels 1 pc.
PK-U.00 modul U with panels 1 pc.
PK-R.00 modul R with panels 2 pc.
PK-Step.00 Step Up 2 pc.
PK-TR.00 Trapeze 1 pc.
PK-tubePA.00 Tube module 1 pc.
PK-tubeS.10.2 Stand-alone tube module 3 pc.
PK-winding way.00 winding way modul 4 pc.
PK-Сolumn-400.00 Сolumn 400 5 pc.
PK-Сolumn-800.00 Сolumn 800 1 pc.
СОТ01-00.000 Crossbar PULL-UP 1 pc.
СОТ02-00.000 Crossbar DIP 1 pc.
СОТ03-00.000 Crossbar JUMPER 1 pc.
Length 26 meters
Width 20 meters

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