Epoxy-coated rebars positioned at strategically important substructures and superstructures! For a variety of reasons, chemicals that are used at strategically important substructures and superstructures, bridges, viaducts, industrial plants, on roads, as well as in various environments and process conditions, or natural factors such as rain water and moisture, or other materials, can reach the reinforcing steel bars that are present within base concrete, concrete platforms, concrete columns and girders, all of which act as a carrier and provide base concrete connection. urun-ic-rebarWhen this happens, corrosion occurs in these reinforcing steel bars. Reinforcing steel bars within concrete building elements carrying columns, drums, heat exchangers and other steel constructions, are affected by rain, moisture, acidic or base chemical leakages, and corrosive ion carbonate cement paste reducing the pH surrounding the reinforcing steel bars.

Bars - ferrous metal
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