Recovery of flexoprint dye Picture: printing dye (red); ultrafiltrate (orange); nanofiltration permeate (clear) Application: Conditioning and concentration of cardboard printing dyes (flexo print), e.g. paper bag manufacturing, corrugated board manufacturing. Conditioning of the rinse waters by ultrafiltration(UF): Recovery and recycling of dyes, separated by tonality Further conditioning of the permeate by nanofiltration(NF): Recovery of the rinse water Further conditioning of the UF-concentrate by evaporation / distillation as pre-stage for external disposal Advantages of the process: Recovery of dyes separated by tonality is possible and established Recirculation of the rinse water is possible and established Reduction of the waste water amount At existing waste water treatment plants (based on precipitation) amounts of sludge can be reduced enormously Compact and modular design Fully automized process - low personnel costs High degradation rate and efficiency (concerning CSB, Cu,


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