Red Leather blast suit

Blast Suits - SKU: [5050/MP]


Jenessco is the first to introduce blast suits to the blast industry. Our washable suits are made for all weather use. We offer suits to fit anyone. Custom sizing is available. Jenessco’s 5050 Series blast suits are available in: nylon, flame retardant, canvas, and leather. Additional canvas or leather reinforcement can be added to our blast suits. Our blast apron and cape sleeve are both designed with an open back. Our design promotes ventilation and protects the body, arms, and shoulders. Cape sleeves have a crossed back strap for easy on easy off access. 100% Leather. Cool Breathable Cotton Back. Velcro Closure on wrist and Ankle. Comes zipper and snap closure. Stock Sizes: M--XXL. Larger size 3x to 5x can be manufactured

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