Reel splitters

Reel splitters and guilotines


Large and heavy reels cannot be processed efficiently using the normal cutting equipment, but with the reel splitter this problem is eliminated. There are many different sized rolls/reels of materials that need to be processed and our Reel splitter / guilotine is the perfect machine for the job, capable of splitting reels starting at 800 mm high by 1,500 mm wide and are to accommodate rolls up to 3,000 mm wide and maximum 1,200 mm in diameter. It is suitable for cutting many different types of materials including paper, carton, plastic foil, aluminium foil, cling film, acetate and can also reduce certain vehicle tyres before further processing. Wrights Reel splitters come with standard safety guards, we can also build bespoke gating systems to what ever your specific requirements are. Below are picture of some of the standard and bespoke gating system that we have installed at some of our customers sites.

Spooling and reeling machines
  • Reel splitters
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