Reetha (Indian Soapnut) is a tree with unique medicinal properties. Its nuts form flower of 'Sapindus Mucorasai' which are natural ingredients of traditional Ayurveda and Ayurvedic recipes. Reetha powder is prepared through dried fruit of Reetha. The dried fruit of Reetha is the most expensive part. The heavy part is rich in 'Saponins' which generate foam and used as a cleaning agent. Reetha powder is a natural cleaner for the skin. When we used Reetha powder on the skin, the powder cleans the pores and provides smooth breathing skin. It also improves the texture of the skin over a period of use..

Skin-care products
  • Reetha powder for Skin
  • Indian herbs Powder
  • Reetha for hair

Product features

Minimum Order Quantity 50 KG
Packaging 50gms, 100gms , 500gms, 1kg pouches and bulk packing 20kg or 25kg bags
Private Labeling Available
Ingredient: Reetha Fruit Powder
Properties Treat eczema and psoriasis

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