Reference Mirrors Key Features • Geometry (flats, spheres, aspheres) to better than λ/50 PV. • Surface Roughness < 1 nm rms. • Full aperture interferometry up to 32" for flats, and up to 12" for spheres/aspheres (larger with stitching). ZYGO's Optics business segment manufactures reference optical mirrors to exacting standards. Our large polishing machines, (from 48" to 168" in diameter), allow ZYGO to make reference mirrors using a variety of materials including Fused Silica and low expansion ceramics, to the highest quality attainable. Inquiry/Quote Form – Optical Mirrors Please use the form below to tell us about the reference mirror you need, or ask questions about any of ZYGO's optical products, services, or capabilities. You may send any additional information, including specifications and/or prints, to: First Name * Last Name * Job Title or Function * E-mail Address * Company or Organization * Phone Number * Street Address City State/Province * Zip/Postal...

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