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Refined Paraffin Wax

Semi and Fully refined Paraffin Wax 0.5% oil content


Industrial waxes are mainly used by our customers for the below applications. •Paint and Varnish Removers, Inks & Road Marking Paint •PVC Manufacturing, APP and APO Products •K-TAC, Baymel, and Numel •Barrier Coating and Board Sizing •Batteries, Electrical and Electronic Applications •Bottle Cap Liner, Caulking Compound & Fabric Finishing •Food industry, Chewing Gum Base, Vine Grafting •Cosmetics (General), Pharmaceuticals, Physiotherapy & Dental Wax •Explosives, Corrosion Inhibitor & Rodenticides •Matches, Crayons & Drink Cups •Fire logs, Insulating Wax & Stop-Off Wax for Etching •Floor Polishes, Shoe Polishes, Leather Treating & Metal Coatings •Investment Casting & Toilet Bowl Gaskets •Skiing And Surfing Material Textile Treatment & Tissue Embedding Advantages •Use of additives to enhance performance (except for mottling and palm waxes) •Able to accommodate higher fragrance loads •Excellent burn and mould release properties Uses of paraffin •‘’Hot-Melt” adhesives