Has a complex effect in case of sprains and other injuries: - restores muscles, stimulates healing of ligaments and tendons after stretching; - increases joint mobility and increases muscle elasticity; - reduces pain in the muscles or due to injury; - it has a lymphatic drainage effect, promotes rapid reduction of hematomas and swelling caused by bruises or sprains; - relieves pain, tension and cramps, restores neuromuscular conductivity; - has an effective effect, preventing the development of varicose veins. In cosmetology, the use of VIVAX products is especially effective after laser procedures for rejuvenation, photo rejuvenation, chemical peels to improve the regeneration processes in the skin cells, as well as: After mesotherapy sessions for rapid regeneration of the epidermis; After contour correction sessions to prevent complications; After plastic surgery: the process of tissue restoration is 2 times faster

Health and fitness
  • Regenrating cream
  • cream
  • Muscle cream
  • Pain relieving cream
  • Pain killer
  • reduces pain
  • reduces cramp
  • reduces tension

Product features

Volume 200мл

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