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Regranulate, Regranulation



Regranulate One of the reasons for using secondary raw materials (plastic waste) is their economic advantage caused by reduced material exigency and generally lower prices of inputs – recycled products/re-granulates. Using the higher amount of recycled product in products as an alternative to primary resources usually leads to their lower final price, which contributes to better competitiveness of products on the market. We produce re-granulates for injection moulding, blow moulding, and extrusion on modern re-granulating lines. Based on customers’ requirements, we can produce re-granulates with required melt flow index, of various colours, including re-granulates with filling compound content. In the production, we process internal and external waste. Product advantages continuous quality of inputs – secondary raw materials directly from the production stable production process with continuous control optional re-granulate colouring, or adding additives directly in the...

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