Reinforced copolymer Die-cast zamak hood Lateral metal - CASTOR EMI Ø mm. 65 "GEMIOPEN" + "ADAPTO"®



BODY: ADAPTO ® chromed zamak WHEELS: Reinforced copolymer soft treads Type – W Lateral metal disks WITHOUT SAFETY BRAKE: With ADAPTO ® Ø 25 Code 633 WITH SAFETY BRAKE: With ADAPTO ® Ø 25 Code 622 THESE CASTORS ARE AVAILABLE ALSO IN CONDUCTIVE VERSION WITHOUT SAFETY BRAKE: Code 667 WITH SAFETY BRAKE: Code 648 BODY AND LATERAL DISKS STANDARD SURFACE FINISH: Bright chromed Code 470 WHEELS STANDARD COLOUR: Wheel centre black with dark grey tread Code 305 CONDUCTIVE CASTORS: Wheels standard colour: Wheel centre black with black tread Code 310 daN 35 STANDARD PACKAGING: Cardboard box cm. 40x27x48 h. Content: n. 150 castors Plastic foil wrapped pallet holding 16 cardboard boxes cm. 120x80x110h