The Elastofip series includes reinforced elastomeric structural bearings, equipped on top and bottom with mechanical anchors. These are structural bearings consisting of an elastomeric core in which one or more steel laminates are inserted, hot vulcanized to the rubber. The presence of the laminates determines a vertical (axial) stiffening effect and the simultaneous reduction in the rubber swelling. Curing has two purposes: one is to convey the rubber tangential actions to the laminate and the other is to ensure the protection of steel against corrosion. Fixed Elastofip (EF) bearings are a cross between the fixed and free sliding type of bearings, as they permit deformations in all planar directions, but at the same time produce elastic reactions proportional to the deformations. In Elastofip (EM) free sliding bearing types and Guided sliding Elastofip (EU/EU*) longitudinal/transversal bearings, on the contrary, the mutual sliding of plane surfaces, one of stainless steel and the oth

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