Reinforcement Ribs Provide Additional Stability



The core of the technology is the automated welding process, where the tank is simultaneously welded on the inside and the outside. Similar to the Lipp double fold technology the material will be pre formed by Lipp special forming machines and reinforcement ribs are applied for additional stability. By doing so, the wall thickness can be reduced which will have an economic effect on the overall material costs, without compromising structural stability. The process also enables the installation of roofs and other accessories at ground level, which reduces the risk of working at heights. The main application for the new Lipp welding technology is the drinking water sector. However, there is lots of market potential in the food and beverage industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as other industries. The black steel welding technology enables the installation of bulk silos with huge diameters and volumes, which is a significant improvement compared to today.

Tanks, metal
  • Lipp Reinforcement
  • Ribs Lipp
  • Lipp Core

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