The tape is reinforced with a polymer network with a higher tensile strength in the longitudinal direction, but at the same time it tears easily in the transverse direction. It tightly against to the surface and creates a secure fixture. It is used for installation and repair works of any complexity, reinforcement of external and internal corners of sealing materials. The main area of ​​application is the installation and fixing of joints of foiled foamed and other heat and sound reflecting materials. The tape has high strength and thermal conductivity, wear resistance, rupture resistance and breakdown strength. It protects from heat and flame, ultraviolet rays, it is moisture and dirt proof. Also it is used for: sealing and protecting units and surfaces, winding cables, hoses and connectors to protect them from heat and flames, protecting plastic parts from thermal deformation, manufacturing reflectors for light sources, increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling.

Tapes, adhesive
  • Reinforces aluminum tapes
  • aluminium tapes
  • technical self-adhesive tapes

Product features

Inner diameter of bushing 76 mm
Extreme length deviation according to technical requirements ±5%
Extreme width deviation according to technical requirements ±1 mm
Adhesive agent type synthetic rubber
Base aluminum foil, reinforced polymer mesh
Liner Siliconized paper
Color silver
Storage terms and conditions Store at 15-20 ° C and 40-50% humidity. Protect from heat and sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months.

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