Measuring transmitter PFT 28 measures temperature and relative humidity. It calculates and reports corresponding values of dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, enthalpy, and absolute humidity. Temperature and relative humidity are measured by a "single-chip" sensor with digital transmission between the sensor and electronics. An alphanumeric LCD-display indicates the measured values and calculated values with corresponding units. Secured in a plastic housing (IP 65 protection), the device has a fast response time and the sensor can be exchanged without re-calibration. One of two analog outputs displays temperature while the other can display an additional four values via a two-stage DIP switch. Analog outputs range from 0 to 10 V (or 4 to 20 mA) and the required supply voltage is between 15 to 30 V DC (or 24 V AC.

Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment
  • climate transmitter
  • climate
  • hvac

Product features

Operating mode: Messuring mode
Medium: Temperature and Humidity
Sensor: Single-chip humidity & temperature sensor with digital signal transmission and calibration memory
Measuring unit: Temperature in °C; relative humidity in %
Output signal 1: Temperature
Output signal 2: Relative humidity, dew point, wet bulb temperature, enthalpy; (Special - Absoulte humidity)
Resolution: 14 bit
Response time: Approx. 20 seconds
Characteristics: Linear
Tolerance: ±0,1 °C
Reproducibility: ±0,1 °C, ±0,5 °C at 25 °C, ±2,0 °C at -40 °C, ±3,0 °C at +120 °C
Measuring ranges: -30...+50 °C
Tolerance: ±0,1 °C
Reproducibility: ±0,1 °C, ±0,3 °C at 25 °C, ±1,5 °C at -40 °C, ±2,0 °C at +120 °C
Resolution: 12 bit

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