When resins containing isocyanate (MDI, PMDI) are used, particles and bres are prone to stick and cake to the steel belts in MDF, OSB and particleboard production. These processes require the use of release agents to be sprayed onto the steel belts. In the press infeed drum seat of the ContiRoll® one unit each is installed at the upper and the lower infeed drums. The release agent application device uses a dip roller to spread the release agent onto the press belts. The surface-textured dip roller rotates inside the release agent tub. The dip roller is pressed against the application roller (setting force is adjustable) to transfer the release agent. The applicator roll applies the agent to the steel belt. Features Precise and economical setting of the agent between 7 and 18 g/m²depending on the product.

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
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