Body: ASTM A-536 Cast Iron / Valves : Bronze Surface covered with Teflon, Stainless steel Trim Set / Pilot control valve and system: Bronze ASTM B62 and Stainless steel 303 inner parts ** Connection Type: Flanged / Pressure :16-25 Bar / Working Temp.: +4ºC , + 80ºC *** This valves using for the preventing damages which cause from the pressure in fire pump systems. Generally fire protection systems use the diesel pumps and electrical motors. In that systems relief valves are preferred. **** Application Areas: In systems which has diesel or electrical high pressure fire fighting pumps.

Fire detection and alarm equipment
  • Hydraulic pressure relief valves
  • valves
  • water pressure reducers

Product features

Nominal Diameter DN DN50-DN200
Connection Type Flanged or Threaded
Pressure 16 Bar- 25 Bar
Approved TSE- EN

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