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Remix S



Natural bog peat substrate produced according to specific customer needs. A mix of individually adjusted milled and/or sod peat fractions with the requested amount of fertiliser and balanced pH level, addition of fertilizer, clay, perlite, coconut, tree bark, other additives and micro nutrients according to the customer’s required proportions. Milled peat/Sod peat Fraction:0-20 mm Raw material: sphagnum white/brown peat Chemical characteristics: EC 0,4-0,7 mS/cm pH 5,4-5,7 (H2O) Additives: Limestone 3,0kg/m3 Wetting agent 0,15kg/m3 NPK Multimix 0,5kg/m3 Zeolite 10kg/m3

  • Peat Substrates for growers
  • Peat Substrates for agriculture
  • Peat Substartes for blueberries

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