Renderplas PVC movement joint / expansion bead

PVC movement joints / expansion joint beads for rendering and plastering


Our locally manufactured PVC movement joints / expansion joint beads are designed for function and speed on all external and internal rendering and plastering applications. Discreet but strong, all beads give a perfect finish to every type of render including through colour render. Designed to prevent cracking to render through thermal expansion and compression. Must be used over a structural movement joint once settling is complete. Can be used horizontally as a day joint to disguise a break in the application of render and provide an attractive architectural detail with a gentle shadow. MJ4 can be folded through 90 degrees to form an internal corner on plasterboard and all profiles can be fitted in this way if a movement joint is required in an internal corner.

Façade work contractors
  • PVC beads
  • Render beads
  • Plaster beads
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