Replacement engines for cogeneration units

Gas engine technology


Replacement engines for cogeneration units The cogeneration unit is available at the latest during the overhaul of the engine. Now every day counts. Bücker + Essing keeps the downtime of your aggregate to a minimum thanks to the use of high-quality replacement engines. Gas engine technology ENERGY IS WHAT DRIVES US Bücker + Essing is your experienced partner, as far as the repair of gas engines is concerned. Our performance spectrum comprises the overhaul of stationary gas engines and their components, repairs based on the current market value, fast delivery of replacement engines and the production of individual or small series of new aggregates. We accompany service providers, system designers and operators in the cogeneration unit and CHP system sector as a partner, offering professional and sustainable technical support. Experience gained from thousands of repaired engines in series production over the past 55 years flows into each new project. We are always on the cutting...

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