A foreign company that has subsidiaries in the Russian Federation prepares consolidated financial statements to assess the results of the business as a whole for the Group. In order to make consolidated statements, a subsidiary must prepare its package in accordance with the accounting policies of the parent company. This package contains, as a rule, the main reporting forms and explanations in the tables, but the reporting forms may contain indicators specific to a particular enterprise, in particular changes in items, dynamics, EBITDA, etc. Often, but not always, these statements are based on IFRS principles. As a result of rendering services, the Customer receives the reports generated on the basis of the Russian statements in the format and in accordance with its requirements (accounting policy).

Accounting and auditing
  • Special purpose reporting
  • Reporting for a foreign owner

Product features

A set of statements (part) 1 or more forms - at the request of the customer.
Reporting RAS, IFRS, GAAP, other.

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