THE STANDARD IN GAS ANALYSIS Excellent Performance and Great Value for General Vacuum Applications As manufacturing technologies advance and quality standards change, the need to understand your process and maintain product quality is more important than ever. Transpector MPS can help you optimize your process by monitoring process conditions, detecting contaminants, and checking for leaks. Transpector MPS offers the robust performance of the Transpector brand of RGA at an excellent value for our customers. Transpector MPS is available in both 100 amu and 200 amu versions, which gives you the flexibility of performing a wide variety of functions including general leak detection, vacuum diagnostics, and hydrocarbon analysis. This versatility makes Transpector MPS the sensor of choice for vacuum furnace, heat treating, and vacuum coating applications. (1) at 10% of peak height (2) during an eight hour period, after a half hour warm up; in FC mode only (3) 256 millisecond dwell time

Product features

Sensor Length 14.3 cm
Mass Range 100 amu
Detector Type FC
Sensitivity (FC) 3E-4 amps/Torr
Sensitivity (EM) NA
Min. Detectable Partial Pressure (3) 2.6E-12 Torr
Max. Sensor Operating Temp. (FC) 200 °C
Max. Sensor Operating Temp. (EM) NA
Filament Type Option Dual Y2O3/Ir filaments
Max. Data Rate per Point 3 ms
Max. Operating Pressure 5E-4 Torr
Max. Bakeout Temp. 300 °C
Power Input 20-30 VDC

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