Some variants of the QMG 700 will be discontinued Jan 31, 2018 Exceeding Detection Limits with Superior Stability and Refined Resolution Rapid advancements in semiconductor manufacturing technology rely on swift and dependable gas analysis solutions. In the fab or in the lab, select the INFICON QMG 700 Analytical Mass Spectrometer to break through detection barriers and propel your process to the next level of innovation. The QMG 700 provides unparalleled performance and adaptability in a modular design. Enhance your competitive edge with the QMG 700, and achieve a superior level of measurement capability. Select from a wide range of ion source, mass filter, and RF power supply options, to tailor your QMG 700 to specific applications. The QMG 700 boasts more than nine decades of dynamic range and ppb detection limits, making it the ideal instrument for ultra high vacuum measurements. QMG 700 provides unit resolution across its entire mass range, and even higher resolution for...

Product features

Mass Range 1-2048 amu (1)
Sensor Length 441.5 mm
Rod Diameter 8 mm
Rod Material Molybdenum
Flange DN 63 CF-F
Detector Type Faraday/SEV 217
Max. Operating Pressure (FC) 1 E-4 mbar
Max. Operating Pressure (EM) 1 E-5 mbar
Sensitivity 5 E-4 A/mbar
Minimum Detectable Partial Pressure 1 E-15 mbar
Resolution (adjustable) 0.3 - 7 amu
Partial Pressure Ratio < 0.5 ppb
Max. Operating Temp. Sensor 150 °C
Max. Bakeout Temp. 400 °C
Max. Operating Temp. Electronics 40 °C
Measurement Speed 0.125 ms - 60 s/amu
Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC

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