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UNLOCK YOUR PROCESS Unparalleled Performance for Increased Yields and Maximum Uptime The ever increasing price of silicon wafers and demand for finished products means that scrapped wafers cost more than ever before. Thus, understanding your process and monitoring for defects has become a much higher priority in semiconductor fabrication centers. The Transpector MPH Gas Analysis System is designed to unlock your process with industry leading performance for all of your gas analysis applications to help maximize chip yields and minimize tool downtime. Combined with a low overall cost of ownership and high mean-time-between-failures, Transpector MPH helps your bottom line more than any other residual gas analyzer (RGA) on the market. INFICON has leveraged its expertise in gas analysis process control equipment to create an RGA with industry-leading data collection speed, minimum detectable partial pressure and signal-to-noise ratio. All this, without sacrificing any of the...

Product information

Sensor Length
14.3 cm
Mass Range
100 amu
Detector Type
Sensitivity (FC)
6E-4 A/Torr
Sensitivity (EM)
Min. Detectable Partial Pressure (4)
3E-13 Torr
Max. Sensor Operating Temp. (FC)
Max. Sensor Operating Temp. (EM)
Filament Type Option (1)
Filament Type Option (2)
Max. Data Rate per Point
1.8 ms
Max. Operating Pressure
5E-4 Torr
Max. Bakeout Temp.
Power Input
20-30 VDC