Product Presentation Resistant dextrin is a low molecular soluble glucan which is obtained by thermal decomposition of non-gmo natural corn starch under acidic conditions. It is a milky white powder, soluble in water. It’s aqueous solution is transparent, clear and slightly sweet, easy to be processed, will not change the original favor of food, with high stability and is suitable for all kinds of food. It’s a Food For Special Health Uses (FOSHU) of MHLW. Product Function And Application It’s verified by many scientific researches to have excellent physiological functions, and can increase mineral absorption. It is the source of dietary fiber almost in all food and health care products in Japan, and is widely used in many world-known health care products and food.

Additives, food
  • Resistant dextrin
  • Dietary fiber
  • Soluble dietary fiber

Product features

Product Model Resistant dextrin liquid
Type Sweeteners, Food Ingredients
Appearance Yellow liquid
Application World-known Health Care Products And Food
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