Restorative Care Set

Shampoo – Conditioner – Magic Oil
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Even hair that has been heavily treated with Tonic Effect Shampoo regains its elasticity. It offers the best care to your hair with Argan Oil, Garlic Extract, Laurel Oil, Lavender Oil, Stinging Nettle, Olive Leaf Extract, Black Cumin Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sesame Oil and Mint Extract. • Your hair will be soft with Argan and Olive Oil Extracted Hair Care Cream. Thanks to the herbal keratin in its content, it protects your hair against UV rays. • The final touch is Magic Oil! With 6 different oil extracts in Magic Oil content, it makes your hair fuller and gives shine. Finally, enjoy your shining hair by massaging your damp hair ends.

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35535 Izmir - Turkey