Retail Equipment For Non-food Stores


We design and manufacture successful non-food departments The development of a non-food product category in stores is an effective way to increase the profit of the freight outlet. Market analysis shows that in stores with a small selling space, the development of this product category leads to an increase in sales from turnover up to 10% and from income up to 15%. For a large retail space, this figure can be up to 40% of turnover and up to 50% of income. Non-food products increase customer loyalty, this is a large part of the goods, the need for which at one time or another arises from each customer. If they are on sale, the buyer saves time - he does not need to visit another store. Professional design of non-food racks, taking into account the principles of commodity neighborhood, the correct determination of the number of running meters for product categories, the rules for the direction of movement of buyers

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  • Nonfood Departments
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