Reversable trough/tubular conveyor

Conveying technology


Discharging, feeding, conveying AViTEQ reversing conveyors are used wherever bulk solids have to be conveyed and metered in an opposing direction. They are executed as reversing conveyor troughs or pipes. AViTEQ reversing conveyors are used primarily in the food and chemicals industries. Customised solutions, however, can also be realised for the recycling and raw materials industry.The technology used in the magnetic vibrator enables precise metering and exhibits no disruptive start-up or discharge behaviour. Advantages & Benefits mechanical flap and deflection systems eliminated (e.g. Y-fitting) considerably reduced installation height and hence cost saving through lower building costs reversing conveyors also act as shut-off devices the use of magnetic vibrators creates certain benefits (controllability, metering accuracy, no wearing parts etc.) reversing conveyors are available in ATEX design Construction The main components are: reversing conveyors from various materials (e

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