Industrial RO System Industrial RO System(Reverse Osmosis System) Purified Water is a kind of water which has almost all the conducting meium ,colloid and organic matters (including bacteria)removed .Purified water has conductivity of about 0.1--0.55μs/cm ,resistivity(25°C) above 10MΩ.cm,and TDS less than 0.1mg/l,In theory,the conductivity of purified water is 0.055μs/cm,and its resistivity(25°C) is 18.25MΩ.cm.Our company can supply various industrial RO systems according to customers’ detailed requests ,such as single pass RO filter,double pass RO filter,RO+EDI ,RO+mixed bed ,etc. Email:

Water retreatment - equipment and installations
  • Pure EDI Water Treatment Machine
  • desalination
  • Industrial Filtration Equipment

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