The Rhino Shrinkit® Shrink Wrapping Gun is the 'Land Rover 4x4' of heat tools. Manufactured in the UK for over 30 years, we like the simplicity and dependability of this heat gun which means it is our 'go to' tool, particularly when we are carrying out industrial shrink wrapping operations in harsh or remote locations or when we are supplying shrink wrap materials and equipment to customers outside of the UK. Unlike some of the 'roofing torch' type of heat guns that are sometimes used for scaffold shrink wrapping, the Shrinkit® incorporates a piezo crystal ignition and 'dead mans handle' which means that if the tool is dropped whilst being used, the flame is cut off immediately. The Shrinkit heat gun is supplied with everything you need to start shrink wrapping including a gas regulator and a 8m hose. Powerful output: 32kw (100,000 BTU) Economical: Gas consumption just 2Kg hour (approx) Full range of spares available for easy in the field maintenance

Portable power tools
  • shrink wrapping gun
  • propane gas hot air gun
  • shrink wrap heat tool

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