Rice cake popping machine

100% cereal popping machine


SYP Rice cake machine ​ Our Rice cake machine is designed such that it can produce popping snack/chip/ cracker/ cake/ gluten free product using 100% natural grains. ​ Our Rice cake machines use hydraulics to produce uniform products and significantly increased its durability. Additionally, variety of molds are available in different sizes and shapes to satisfy customer needs. The characteristics of the rice cake machines : rice cake corn chips SYP8502 ​ (85mm rice cake) (720-1,028pcs / hour) SYP4506 ​ (45mm corn chip) (2,160-3,084pcs / hour) 1. Produce good-for-health snack foods (rice cakes) without frying, using natural grains 2. Save cost of production 3. Easy to control production 4. Able to produce a variety of products with seasoning or chocolate coating 5. Able to produce, for example, potato chips, etc, using various pellets, potatoes, beans, etc. Fore more information, please contact us !! Thank you

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rice cake popping machine

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