Product range Working principle The development of this new shot-blasting machine is based on the so-called ricochet effect (French for bounce/rebound). The main idea behind this is that the residual energy of the rebounded abrasive is utilized. This reduces the energy consumption, since you can use fewer turbines with a lower performance. In addition, the process involves abrasive which moves past the workpiece and normally has no effects. Another advantage is a reduced wear in the shot-blasting machine. The machine size depends on the volume/quantity and the weight of the workpieces to be blasted. Please send us your detailed enquiry. Our experienced team will be glad to assist you. Application areas Application areas of AGTOS Ricochet shot-blasting machine (type BR) When developing the new system, the development engineers from AGTOS took into account important aspects for optimizing processes, which are daily used in many foundries. For instance, many foundries apply...

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