Rivet press


TYP D 020 Automotive Press for pressing of rivet nuts, connectors, etc. Usage To reline of these connectors Automotive Press was formerly developed. Meanwhile, this device will multiply its application when it comes to press- fit components into the PCB (eg connectors). Also for joining several PCBs or PCB components, the press can be used. Operation Through the use of different tool inserts, which can be easily replaced in the nut tool, different assembly operations can be greatly facilitated, that have often been carried out laboriously on a toggle press. Due to the size of the motor press D 020 can be permanently mounted in the workplace or on a mounting bereitgestelllt car. The operation is simple: the circuit board is inserted with the part to be pressed in the operating range of the device against the stop. Then a limit switch triggers the workflow. By a nearly closed guard is no danger to the operator.

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