Rizolin As



The material is made of durable reinforcing fiberglass cloth on both sides impregnated with bitumenpolymeric compound with targeted additives that improve its operating abilities. The material is absolutely waterproof, resistant to rapid temperature changes and mechanical influences; bioresistant. Can be applied in all climatic zones (according to SNiP 230199).The material is easy in application and does not require any special equipment. To apply Rizolin AS one must only take off the release film, place the material onto a dry, dustfree surface and roll it down with a roller. (SNiP 3.04.0187) ATTENTION Selfadhesive material properties are retained at an air temperature above +15 °С. At lower temperatures a little heat must be applied to the adhesive side till the appearance of high luster in order to ensue the adhesiveness (SNiP II 2676*).

Films and sheets, plastic
  • Reinforcing Fiberglass
  • Bitumen Polymeric
  • Waterproofing Material

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