Rizolin Floor-a



Rizolin FLOORA is a rolled material, adhesive from both sides. It is made of bitumenpolymeric compound based on durable reinforcing fiberglass cloth. Adhesive sides of the material are protected against adhesion by release film. The material is waterproof, resistant to mechanical influences, bioresistant.The material is easy in application and does not require any special equipment. Track beds are laid into seams on a dry dustfree surface. For better waterproofing seams are filled with selfadhesive sealing tape Rizolin AS100. For final floor covering application it is necessary to take off the protective release film from the upper adhesive layer of the cloth. ATTENTION The works with the material can be done at an average daily temperature above +10°С. At lower temperatures (up to 10°С) it is recommended to heat the material a little with a heat gun from the adhesive side till the appearance of high luster.

Films and sheets, plastic
  • Trading Rizolin
  • Adhesive Rolled
  • Waterproofing Seams

Product features

Roll length/width, m. 10/1 ± 0,4
Binder layer thickness, mm. 3 ± 0,2
Breaking force under tension in longitudinal/transverse directions, not less 700/600
Dynamic modulus of elasticity under load 2 kPa, Mpa, not above 0,5
Radius of curvature temperature (25±2) mm, °С, not above -15
Water absorption within 24 hours, %, not more 1
Operating temperature, °С -50 ÷ +50
Waterproofing under a pressure not less than 0,01 kgf/ cm2 within not less 72 hours water-resisting
Reinforcing base fiberglass cloth
Upper layer Release film
Lower layer Release film
Roll weight, kg 27
Manufacturers’ packaging polyethylene with corporate logo

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