Rizolin Parking



Bitumen and polymeric, selfadhesive from both sides material reinforced by polyester. The material is waterproof, resistant to punching, mechanical influences, bioresistant. During usage the asphalt binder layer is not polymerized. Hence, waterproofing properties are maintained permanently.The material is easy in application and does not require any special equipment. To apply Rizolin PARKING one must only take off the release film, place the material onto a dry, dustfree surface and roll it down with a roller. ATTENTION Selfadhesive material properties retain at an air temperature above +15 °С. At lower temperatures a little heat must be applied to the adhesive side till the appearance of high luster in order to ensue the adhesiveness.

Films and sheets, plastic
  • Rizolin Adhesive
  • Material Reinforced
  • Binder Layer

Product features

Thickness, mm 4 ± 0,4
Breaking force under tension in longitudinal/transverse directions, not less 750/450
from steel surface 1,5
from concrete surface 1,0
from wooden surface 0,5
Thermal resistance within 2 hours in the upright position, °С not less +70 ÷ +80
Resistance to static loading, N 250
Radius of curvature temperature (25±2) mm, °С, not above -25
Water absorption, less than % 1
Operating temperature, °С -50 ÷ +50
Vapor resistance, m/(mh*Pa), not less 13
Waterproofing under a pressure not less than 0,2 MPa within 24 hours water-resisting
Waterproofing under a pressure not less than 0,5 MPa within 10 min. water-resisting
Roll weight, kg 36
Length/width, m 10x1
Reinforcing base Polyester cloth
Lower layer Release film
Upper layer Release film
Manufacturers’ packaging Green with corporate logo

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